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The Significance of a Samsung Cryptocurrency Coin: The Race for the Face of Digital PaymentsThere are other firms such as Facebook and JP Morgan Chase that are also working on their own blockchain systems and digital currencies. In this way, technological and influential companies are working to release their own cryptos.Samsung Works On Its Own CryptocurrencyAlthough this has not been con
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US Clients of Marsh Will Soon Have Access to Proof of Insurance (POI) Blockchain PlatformThe use cases of blockchain technology are growing, as various industries find a place for them to implement the immutable and censorship-resistant ledger.It is especially helpful to industries that need to maintain a consistent source of information, which can be highly beneficial to consumers in t
DAI’S Hold to the Dollar Peg Wavers in the Wind for Stability but Community’s Stablecoin Outlook is BrightYou may have heard of the awful situation that the MakerDAO community is living recently. The whole lending ecosystem is based around the DAI stablecoin. However, it seems like the stablecoin is having trouble to maintain its peg with the USD recently, which has been making the community increase fe