Peacock Bed (Persepolis) In the time of Fath Ali Shah, the great and magnificent bed was made by jewelry from his name and named after Persepolis, but renamed the bed since he was married to Peacock al-Dawlah and this Lunar Shah's young woman
When the International Journal of the National Geographic named "Empire of Iran" and the design of the cover of all Iranians, it is proud of itself. 🗺💎وقتی مجله جهانی نشنال جغرافی با نام امپراطوری ایران و طراحی روی جلد تمام ایرانی، برای خود افتخار میخرد.
Local clothing of Mazandaran Women's Tunic Women's Trousers, Tymbun Chamble: A hinged skirt and a short, silk cloth and fine linen of the same color, decorated with a black ribbon in the middle of the lower edge and called it black. 💎 لباس محلي زنان مازندراني شليته يا چرخي شلوار، تمبون قمبلي
Attar Nishapur Arif, a philosopher and poet of the sixth and seventh century AH who, with the miracle of love, made the salvation of all lovers. 💎عطار نیشابوری عارف، فیلسوف و شاعر توانای سده ششم و هفتم هجری که با معجزه عشق، شوری در نهاد همه عاشقان نهاد.
Five years after the death of Houshang Seyhoun, the father of modern architecture of Iran, former head of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran, who built a tomb for Ferdowsi, Nadir Shah, Ibn Sina, Kamal al-Malik and Khayyam. 💎فقدان #هوشنگ_سیحون پدر معماری نوین ایران پنج سال شد.
Covering the people of Gilan, the World Heritage Site of Iranians. Henry, inspired by the colorful nature of Gilan and the dark ghosts of the lost history that the ancestors of the ancestors have always been and still are in the heart of Guilan. 💎پوشش مردم گیلان، میراث جهانی ایرانیان
A special shawl for women in the Persian Gulf coastline, which is named in the Borqe Arabic to the local dialect of the Borke district of Hormozgan. 💎نقابی مخصوص زنان سواحل خلیج فارس که آنرا به عربی بُرقع (Borqe)به معنای پرده و به گویش محلی مناطق هرمزگان بُرکه (Borke)و هدف جلوگیری از تخریب پوست بود
May 25th, the day of the commemoration of the wisdom and wisdom of Abolqasem Ferdowsi and the protection of the Persian language. ♣️ بیست و پنجم اردیبهشت ماه روز بزرگداشت حکیم خرد و خردورزی ابوالقاسم فردوسی و پاسداشت زبان فارسی گرامی باد.
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