The Wyoming State provided a bill for defining digital currencies as moneyAccording to the official website of the state-owned Wyoming State, January 18, a bill aimed at classifying digital currencies in the United States was introduced.In the bill, digital currency assets are divided into three categories: Consumer Digital Assets, Digital Securities, and Virtual Currenci
Jimmy Sang: Bitcoin is a tool for a peaceful revolution Waves, ETH, LTC, DOGE, TRX, XLM, Bitforex, Exchange, DEXSBitcoin developer Jimmy Song said that a genuine digital currency could be a powerful tool for creating a peaceful revolution.He said this during a conversation with the executive of the Russia Today news network, Max Kaiser.He also acknowledged:The biggest thing bitcoin brings is the decentralizati
Can China outshine Bitcoin upgrade in 2019? Waves, ETH, LTC, DOGE, TRX, XLM, Bitforex, Exchange, DEXSThe rising rate of capital outflow from China in recent months has been an unparalleled opportunity for the digital dividend in the legal realm of one of the hardest countries whose citizens have been able to circumvent the restrictions imposed on financial movements.Looking at the general rules of
The new history of the Hartford Etherium was announced ETH, LTC, DOGE, TRXAccording to one of the main developers of Etherium, the Constantinople Hardboard activation (Constantinople) was postponed to block 7,280,000, which coincided almost on February 27th.Kevin Dock reported that the developers of the Etherium core proposed to activate the Constantinium in late February
On the sidelines of Google's suspicious action over the word Ethereum / Google's strange offer to hire Vitali Buccane!Etherium's multi-millionaire founder, Business Associates, says Google has been trying to hire him with basic paid interns. In the meantime, there has been a news release that Google has been dubious about ads containing the word Ethereum.According to a report released by Google in late March 2018,
Ethereum Development Group Contributing to Computer Chip Generation AMD (AMD) ETH, LTC, DOGE,ERCThe ConsenSys Edited Development Studio will work with AMD to develop a new cloud computing infrastructure based on China's blockbuster technology.The startup said on Friday that it had partnered with AMD and the Halo Holdings investment company based in Abu Dhabi to develop Webcast (W3BCLOUD). The
Ledger will soon release its new generation of wallet hardwareThe French start-up Ledger announced its new hardware wallet.This is the hardware wallet called Ledger Nano X, equipped with Bluetooth technology. This way, you can send and receive your tokens using your mobile phone.In the previous version, this wallet needs to be connected to your computer using
What is the standard token and ERC-20? ETH, LTC, DOGEIn the early days of the emergence of digital currencies, a person intending to create a block-based project in China was forced to develop a new block for the initial investment and digital exchange platform. It was just like that person inventing the wheel again. But now using Ethereum and the ERC
Gold rise against stock market crash / Should we trust Gold (and Bitcoin)?The value of future gold futures for the first time since June 2018, went from $ 1,300 per ounce of gold. Investors seem to be moving their assets to the gold market, and they are moving away from the stock market due to recent downturns.The total volume of the digital currency market, or in other w
Tesla stocks and Nasdaq stock companies (NASDAQ) will be available as Tetzer Ethereum!According to Bloomberg's report in the week ahead in Estonia, with the aim of creating a revolution in the traditional stock market, a new digital currency exchange dealer, Di. X (DX.Exchange) will be launched.Dexx currency exchange will allow users to buy digital currency, convert them and buy shar