Gold Backed KaratGold Coin (KBC) Brings Up Blockchain-Based Smartphone. KaratGold Coin, the crypto that is backed by actual gold is bringing a more secure way to receive payments in KBC and other cryptocurrencies for the merchants who wish to integrate crypto transactions...
CME Group's BTC futures chart suggests BTC heading to $18K .Despite the stumble it experienced just days ago, it can now be seen of breaking the $8,000 price level again, which some analysts think as the beginning of an upside momentum.
OKEx is the leading Chinese trading platform which has evolved over the years and is now covering more than 100 countries in the world. The company tweeted yesterday that it is planning to something with Litecoins shortly.
Currently, most of the altcoins may be undervalued. It has long been known that altcoins are super volatile digital assets! When any of them begins to grow and start an unexpected and powerful trend, then this flight does not go only to the moon but is much higher and stronger.
DAI is designed to maintain a 1:1 value with the U.S. dollar, but is backed collateral on the MKR platform. Both Ethereum-based token MKR and DAI are issued by MakerDAO. However, DAI has been worth under $1 for much of 2019, which has sparked five voting sessions from DAO users...
Blockchain technology will help traditional game developers introduce aspects of asset ownership, value transfer, and various in-game currencies, making gaming experiences more engaging and personal to each user. More traditional games could be ported over to blockchains in time to come..
FACEBOOK IS ATTEMPTING TO DISRUPT BITCOIN. It emerged last month that Facebook was looking for $1 billion in funding for Project Libra, its secretive cryptocurrency project.Libra took off a year ago when Facebook was looking to devise a way to transfer money between users
The US Copyright Office says Craig Wright requested “special handling” of his copyright registrations for the Bitcoin whitepaper and code.The move costs an additional $800 per filing and is permitted when an applicant is facing pending or prospective litigation..
MetaMask Web Browser releases metrics that show how it’s being used. It allows users to run dApps without running a full-node, recently shared a Medium post with some data points on exactly how it’s being used.
Facebook in Talks With Coinbase, Winklevoss’ Gemini to Launch Its Globalcoin: FT Report.Social media giant Facebook has reportedly held talks with major United States-based crypto exchanges about the issuance of its own crypto, the Financial Times (FT) reports on May 24.