The First Blockchain Based Notary in China Has Opened an Office in Beijing  The first blockchain-capable notary in China has opened an office in Beijing. According to the news, the service was opened last Friday at CITIC Beijing Notary Office. The head of office reportedly stated that the development marked the beginning of the era of blockchain notary services. During the launch event, the director of CITIC Beijing Notary Office Wang Mingliang noted that he believed that blockchain-based notaries had notary values and legal significance from blockchain certification. Hu Jiyu, a professor at the Business School of the China University of Political Science and Law, was also quoted as saying that the blockchain has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency and stability. The newly implemented system is said to allow the certificate holder to verify the contents of the document by scanning the code. Blockchain integration in the notary industry is said to prevent document forging, and prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of information asymmetry.
Shop with Bitcoin on Amazon with the New Lightning Network Plugin  With the new Lightning Network plug-in, it is now possible to shop with Bitcoin on Amazon. Yes, you don't hear wrong, you can pay with BTC in one of the largest online retail giants in the world. With the new Lightning Network plug-in, shopping with Bitcoin on Amazon is now possible. Crypto Moon payment processor, according to yesterday's announcement, Lightning Network Moon technology that uses the latest version of BTC can directly become cash and shop at Amazon. To further open this extension fiat money trail at a direct rate turning it into a date allows you to buy on Amazon. Ken Kruger, CEO of Moon, told about his recent initiative: "Extensions will reveal QR codes and also include Lightning invoices for possible distress situations. This will allow you to complete payments through your Lightning Wallet. Very easy." Kruger underlined that there was no direct commercial integration. So Amazon hasn't started receiving BTC payments directly. Moon, reversing the price of cash crypto payments indirectly on Amazon with crypto money paved the way for shopping.
Binance Coin (BNB) Increases by 300 Percent in 2019 and Continues to Challenge Prices  Bitcoin (BTC) continued to increase for the past week and closed at $5,300, while Binance Coin (BNB) continued to focus on price movements in the cryptocurrency market. Most altcoins will experience price declines, and this is seen as a sign that Bitcoin will rise quickly. When we look at market history, bull movements in the crypto money industry are reflected in BTC prices in April. Investors prefer to convert their profits into Bitcoin, rather than paying with paper money or switching to stable coins. Nevertheless, Binance Coin (BNB), which acts against the trend of price consolidation affecting most markets, continues to get value. On April 19, BNB closed the day with a double digit increase. Compared to most markets, Binance Coin has managed to create a fair profit that goes beyond price speculation. Crypto money at issue, contrary to the majority of industries, succeeded in producing what the market sought. Binance Coin gives investors a reason to invest and use from the expected price increase. Binance's CEO, Changpeng Zhao, conducted a series of programs that enabled investors to stay longer than the reasons that encouraged them to invest in the BNB. The BNB offers users the opportunity to sweep a small amount of the remaining money correctly. Not only that, The BNB also provides discounts to investors for trade costs. Binance also developed a new lottery program with ICO Launchpad services, which offered a number of new benefits. By 2019, current users are waiting for more user flows in positive and rising conditions for the use and adoption of BNB cryptocurrencies. This shows that new users will enter the market in the coming years. BNB, the world's leading cryptocurrency between the current situation and when new users get more value, is expected to increase. Since the beginning of 2019, BNB has received a value of 300 percent.
CEO of the Blockchain Exchange Alliance Plans to Expand to US and Japanese Markets  The CEO of Singapore-based Blockchain Securities Alliance (BXA), which has a controlling stake in South Korea's main Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange, has revealed plans to expand to the American and Japanese markets. BXA CEO, BK Kim, said in an interview that BXA's strategy was to pursue a reverse route called acquiring a public company that was already listed on the Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This route could be a faster way to bring companies into public companies than traditional Initial Public Offering (IPO), BK Kim said, adding that it could also help reduce registration costs, reportedly estimated at around $6 million. According to BK Kim, BXA has asked for legal advice in the United States, where a lawyer reportedly gave the opinion that the current legal framework allows BXA to be registered using such a merger structure. He also revealed that BXA is currently looking for potential partners in Japan to form joint ventures for crypto exchanges that will be officially licensed by state supervisors. BK Kim further discussed a plan to prospectively increase BXA ownership in Bithumb by acquiring up to 70% of Bithumb operators, BTC Holdings, although he stressed that even without additional shares, BXA had become the controlling stakeholder for the exchange. With regard to BXA's own token, BXA, already listed on the BitMax exchange, the CEO noted that a potential BXumb BXA listing would require thorough consideration of regulatory constraints and that the company would announce further developments on the issue. BK Kim's disclosure of US BXA plans confirmed an anonymous source that had shown the company's interest in pursuing this January merger, as reported at the time.
Tether Supply of 500 Million Is Reporting Increase in Bitcoin Prices?  Supply of dampers can cause price increases in Bitcoin. There is a strong and positive relationship between Tether's market value and the volume of cryptocurrency market transactions. According to Whale Alert, there were a large number of Tether movements. Tether supplies the price relationship of Bitcoin. On April 2, Bitcoin moved at $4,150, while Bitcoin prices rose more than $1,000 to $5,000, with $100 million from 3 different exchanges. Then, Bitcoin traded at $5,300. Twitter Whale Alert reports that $500 million Tether was transferred from an unknown account to the Binance stock exchange. This whale movement can lead to new bull Bitcoin efforts, and Bitcoin can exceed the $6,000 resistance level. As is known, Tether is a stable crypto money set for $1. To minimize potential fluctuations in the crypto money market, the Tether tool can be used as crypto money. Naturally, there is a strong correlation between the volume of transactions in the crypto money market and Tether's requests. When transaction volumes increase in the crypto money market, Tether's transaction volume increases. We see that Tether's market value rose from $2 billion to $2.5 billion in April. With this aspect, the movement of the whales in Tether could immediately be a sign of the pace of Bitcoin.
This is the Reason for Delaying Bakkt in the Bitcoin Futures Trading Platform  Bakkt Bitcoin futures platform to enter into the story of the snake. What stopped planning the platform to operate late last year? Bitcoin futures platform platform snake Bakkt. The Bakkt Bitcoin operating platform, eagerly awaited, still does not apply. That's the power behind Bakkt, which is why cryptocurrency lovers are very excited about Bakkt. Bakkt built the world more than billions of dollars from the stock exchange (ICE). The stock market is also owned by the New York Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in the world. Having a big impact on the global economy, ICE has announced that it will build a Bitcoin futures platform at the end of last year. The Bakkt industry is very important. Because corporate investors have not entered the Bitcoin market. Formations such as Bakkt behind a reliable group of capital can form a missing link between the traditional market economy and the cryptocurrency sector. Even though it's been a long time, Bakkt can't function yet. There are two institutions in the US that control and regulate the bond market. One of them, as we know, is the SEC and other CFTCs. Bakkt is currently under the supervision of the CFTC, which we can translate as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. When will the CFTC be? This problem was also mentioned in a recent Bloomberg report. According to information from uncertain sources, the CFTC's first priority is; Bakkt customers will be able to provide crypto money safekeeping services. To meet the criteria of the regulatory body, Bakkt must first bring the criteria for clearing transactions. These rules require that customer funds be credited safely to a bank or clearing center. Under New York state law, the required license must be obtained from the competent authority before the agent operates. The CFTC must give permission to Bakkt to save crypto money. This is the information we received from 3 different officials, whom we have seen from institutions but do not want to give their names. In addition, if ICE gets a state license, it is necessary to obtain additional permits for a more comprehensive Bakkt. Bakkt actually plans to operate late last year. However, the schedule was postponed due to the fact that the regulator had to do the work. We have left the first quarter of 2019, but the exact date to start is still not determined.
Japan Introduces Stock Exchange Cold Wallet New Regulations  Japan took an important step in the cold exchange wallet. According to the news, the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) brought new regulations on cold purses for crypto money storage in the crypto stock exchange. Japan is preparing new regulations for the cold wallet of the stock exchange. According to some news who share this news with sources close to the subject. To strengthen the internal control of cold purses, there is a need for the exchange of crypto money. For this, a digital money storage device without an internet connection will also be needed. By implementing new regulations, the FSA handles significantly digital currency security and other risks in the country. The reason for this is an effort to strengthen the fintech industry to promote economic growth. Japan is also concerned about the stock market's cold wallet security measures. Although cold wallets are not connected to the internet and thus provide tighter privacy for digital assets, the FSA is also worried about the risk of bankruptcy. According to unnamed sources, there is no regular rotation rotation policy that is responsible for several exchanges. In other news, earlier this month, the FSA reported that bitcoin (BTC) was no longer classified as a currency. Professor Iwashita Goto from Kyoto University took place at the 41st Financial Plenary Meeting and the 29th Financial District Meeting. Goto, a long history of Bitcoin for a decade to become a worldwide recognition of various features became a means to be more than just a means of transaction, he said. In March, the FSA approved the launch of a second crypto exchange based on new regulations. The FSA began licensing by taking into account the contribution of the new crypto money to the Japanese market.
Lack of Global Terminology Standards for Crypto Assets Are the Main Barriers to the Application of Clear Regulatory Policies in Industry  The lack of standard global terminology for crypto assets is a major obstacle to the adoption of clear regulatory policies in the industry, according to a study by the Cambridge Alternative Financial Center (CCAF) released on April 16. According to the report, various key terms in the crypto industry are often used interchangeably and without clear definitions, which hinder global regulatory responses. Conducted with support from the Nomura Research Institute (NRI), research provides a detailed analysis of the regulatory landscape regarding crypto asset activity in 23 jurisdictions. The research data is collected mainly through desktop research from November 2018 to early February 2019, which reports notes. According to the study, the term "cryptoasset" itself has no specific definition and is widely used as a general term to refer to digital tokens issued and transferred to distributed ledger technology (DLT ledger technology), specifically the blockchain system, system. The research argues that the term crypto assets and signs have different meanings depending on the context. Thus, this report provides three main contexts for the definition of crypto assets. In a broad sense, this term includes all types of digital tokens issued and distributed on the blockchain. From an intermediary perspective, crypto assets include all types of digital tokens on the blockchain with open access, which do not need to do a function. In a narrow view, crypto assets exclusively refer to digital tokens on open DLT systems that play an important role in functions, the report reads. The researchers further elaborated on three main challenges facing the world of regulators from crypto. Before adopting clear and standardized terminology, regulatory jurisdiction must first understand the nuances of different terms and identify the terminology that best suits the purpose of its regulation. In addition, the CCAF study said that 82% of the jurisdictions analyzed had distinguished crypto assets that had security characteristics from other types of cryptocurrency. Accordingly, activities relating to crypto assets that are considered securities are automatically brought under the authority of local securities laws, the report said.
Binance Coin in Flight, Will the New Summit Come?  Binance Coin (BNB) is on a flight. After the Binance Burn event, the BNB rose. Binance coins are heading to new heights. Where can this increase occur? Are there new notes? Binance Coin (BNB), which has long been silent, finally took action. The BNB's day began quickly, already 5% 'had been unable to rest for a long time when saving more than 20 managed to break the dollar resistance. This BNB increase was considered closely related to the 7th BNB Burn event held yesterday. Binance Exchange announced that 829,888 BNBs, valued at around $ 15 million, were destroyed. We said this yesterday. Experts think that the upward movement at the BNB will bring the BNB past the peak of $ 24.5, the best price of all time. Most people who studied BNB charts in the past few months participated in this idea. According to CoinDesk analysts, the BNB expects a large upward movement. The BNB breaks the triangle formation from a very critical point to the top. Binance Coin in December 2018 from 4.5 dollars at the start of the bull was carried out through recording in advance for investors 4x cases have provided more than income. But the indicator says that this is not over. When we look at social media, people's views about BNB are very positive. In particular, BNB investors think that Binance Coin is managed in accordance with a very transparent and effective policy, and that the BNB will rise much higher.
Bitcoin is Finally Fulfilling Satoshi’s Original Vision  Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudo-anonymous creator of Bitcoin wanted a system of a cashless peer-to-peer network which was decentralized and made use of Distributed Ledger Technology to ensure privacy and transparency. Satoshi was not a big fan of the centralized system of the bank and financial institutes which held a monopoly over people’s money, favored the rich and powerful, while the poor suffered throughout.   Satoshi did not create Bitcoin out of the blue, but it was strategically planned with the help of leads from the field of cryptography and DLT. It was launched in 2009 after one of the worst recession that hit the world market. The vision behind Bitcoin was to create a censorship-resistant form of economy to help the underdeveloped and developing nations to get past their financial crisis brought upon them by the inefficiency and monopoly of banks and governments. However, as Bitcoin rose the popularity charts and its price peaked new heights every other month, the vision of Satoshi got lost in the pricing drama and people forgot that Bitcoin was not really meant for millennials as an attractive form of investment but as a tool for financial freedom.   In the last year or so, Bitcoin is finally doing what it was invented for, helping financially troubled nations to get out of their distress and rebuild their ruined economy brought upon them by the inefficient banking and economic policies. Be it Latin American nations of Brazil and Mexico or African nations like Kenya, Bitcoin has given these countries a new lease of life. Among all the nations that have been revived by Bitcoin, Venezuela stands out as an epitome of an example of how government policies and banking system can cripple a nation and almost bring it on the verge of a civil war. Bitcoin Helped Venezuela When All Other Doors Seemed Shut Venezuela used to be among the richer countries of the world, all thanks to its rich oil and diamond reserves. However, when the prices of oil barrels were cut in half in 2014, the country started to show signs of crumbling, as they were heavily dependent on their oil exports. Add the political unrest and bad economic policies, Venezuela started crumbling due to hyperinflation and political unrest. The condition became worse by the day and the country’s fiat currency value started a downfall. The government tried to contain the issue by printing more currency notes, but I guess they did not realize that it does not work that way. Soon, the fiat currency became worthless and it was not even worth the paper it was printed on. People started dumping fiat on streets and crime became the only way for people to get some food. The situation was getting out of hand as the US put sanctions on the trade out of the country made the condition even worst.   The president tried to revive the economy through a bank issued cryptocurrency in the form of Petro which the authorities claimed would be backed by country’s oil reserves. However, the inefficiency of the government turned the crypto project into a disaster, as there was no blueprint on how the cryptocurrency works. As a result, the United States put sanctions on the newly created Petro as well. When all doors seemed shut, Bitcoin came out as the real savior for the nation and at the present moment, Venezuelan crypto exchanges account for more Bitcoin trades then the traditional ones. Not only that, but the country is also creating new Bitcoin trading volume records. This clearly suggests that citizens of Venezuela have realized that Bitcoin is their savior and they are happy to make use of Bitcoin than any other form of currency for their needs.  Final Thoughts   Bitcoin was created to help people get out of the shadow of banking systems which has failed us over the years and brought upon us trillions of dollars worth of debt. There is no going back from that and even after so many recessions and financial setbacks, Banks haven’t even tried making even fundamental changes to their system. It has continued for centuries. People are not gonna choose Bitcoin just because it is against the establishment, but mainly because it’s more efficient and better than any other form of the economic system that we have.