Winners For The Crown Championship & Carnival WeekCongrats to these lucky Pivoters. Rewards and airdrops have already been distributed.
7 Days of Craziness is Ongoing! 100 Million PVTP awaits You ! To celebrate and encourage Pivoters to play and earn, 100 Million PVTP (10 BTC, worth $72,000)  airdropped by Pivot team is waiting for you!
The problem of game access being forbidden has been fixedIf you find any problems, please comment below and better to submit some screenshots to indicate the problems you have encountered. We will help you solve the problem as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and have fun! 
PIVOT Crown Championship - Compete For BTC & CrownPivot Market Prediction has been relaunched. And PVTP is available to participate in games now. To celebrate the milestone of PVTP release, we will run a game campaign for all Pivoters!
Bang Jhod: 😊😁Fine, thanks for the information, I will always join ivent ivent from Pivot. & Good luck to all Pivoters💪👍👍
PVTP is supported and be available to participate in games now! Pivot Market Prediction has been relaunched. In order to play the game smoothly, please make sure your App version is 1.11.0 or higher. Thank you for your support and have fun! 
Pivot Prediction Games: Sorry for the inconvenience. Pivot team didn't list Iran and Pakistan as prohibited countries, and we will review our system to check for any problems. Please make sure you are not using a virtual machine or have modified your country & region information.
Pivot Trading ChampionshipThere will be important features will be released in a few weeks. Pivot team is still working hard on this project. Please stay turned!  Prior to this, we are preparing to hold an event to celebrate the recent breakthrough in the crypto currency market.
What is “Up or Down” ?This game can be understood as a quick version of binary prediction. Usually, the final result will be obtained from the Binance market within one minute. 
2 Winners Won 5,400,000 Coins in 'Big Win'➡️Top 2 Winners Who Won Jackpt Prizes:🥇Congratulations to Sobhan Damangir(ZID:305544127)who has won
2 Winners Won 3,000,000 Coins in 'Big Win'This game provides you a great chance to win a large amount of Coin bonus.
BTC Sunny ☑: Good luck lucky friends 🍷🍷🍷👍👍👍😘
FAQ of Pivot Market PredictionSince some pivoters have question about the rules of Pivot Market Prediction, Pivot Team will try to answer all questions about Market Prediction in this post, hope it's usful for you.