Bitcoin's Price Fell, But Interest Remained High in 2018!!
Bitcoin Price Driven More by Speculation Than Utility: BitPay CEO
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Bitcoin Cash!!
TenX PAY Beats the Market, Surges on NewsSecond only to DEX, which has soared in price in recent days, the TenX PAY token stands out as a shining star in an otherwise red crypto market this week as the Singapore-based crypto payment company is estimated to finally deliver on their promises.PAY was up by 18% on Wednesday morning before trim
Why Are Stablecoins Becoming Popular?Bitcoin has plunged from a high of almost USD 20,000 in December 2017 to as low as USD 3,400. So it’s understandable that some cryptocurrency users might be looking for more stability. With the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies uncertain, a possible new solution known as “stablecoins” has