Ripple: Why Corporations, Banks Love It While Crypto Community Hates itRipple is arguably the most divisive cryptocurrency. Earlier this year, the company surpassed a 200-customer milestone as financial institutions such as Transpaygo, WorldCom Finance, and Euro Exim Bank signed up for RippleNet. If Ripple was like any other cryptocurrency, enthusiasts would have celeb
Myths & Misconceptions About Bitcoin (Finally) DebunkedCryptocurrencies have been in the market for a decade now, and its introduction saw them join the ranks of fiat currencies as a viable mean of payment. However, even with all the benefits that crypto offer today against traditional currencies, not many are enthusiastic about them. Why? While there i
Must Read: Vices in the Crypto-era?Preying on children onlineHighly worrying: Paedophiles can now use an array of mobile and online tools to direct and watch child rape and sexual abuse with anonymity, experts warn. — ReutersBangkok: South-East Asia is in the grip of a fresh surge of paedophile activity with predators orchestrating a
7 Things to Keep in Mind when Investing in CryptocurrencyAfter reading our guide on crypto jargonand a beginner’s guide to trading Bitcoinyou are probably ready to invest in cryptocurrency for the first time. At this exciting time, it is a good idea to consider these seven facts which can help you achieve your trading goals.It’s a Volatile MarketCryptocur
Learning Forex : Choosing the Right Trading SystemWhile it is possible to earn significant profits as a trader in the forex market, many who try to do so fail. For some it’s because of a lack of adequate risk controls. But for others it can be down to their trading system, or “lack of” one to be more precise.Most experts agree that those who find a
How states can use blockchain for data and rein in national security threatsGovernments could immensely benefit from the new disrupting technology blockchain.Governments through their ICT ministries could immensely benefit from the new disrupting technology blockchain and biometrics in easing registration and identification of persons, secure integrity of mass data manageme
This is crazy in a good way and amazing!
The target is realistic although the stability is questionable.
Is Bitcoin Back?100%.That’s how much the price of bitcoin increased since December 31. At last check, the cryptocurrency was trading at $7,502, after jumping 14% on Friday and 7% on Monday. For non-mathematicians, that’s more than 20% in just a couple of days. Not bad.So, are cryptos back?If you’re looking for an i
Artificial Intelligence: The Future of WorkScepticism of innovation is as old as the ages, but it can empower our societies. It is still too often the case that new technology is met with doubt and hesitation. In 1995, renowned  astronomer Clifford Stoll stated, “The truth is no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM ca