Coming soon Coin(new virtual currency for playing the pivot games) For predict and play game
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The Pivot Market PredictionThe Pivot Market Prediction (high profit) No.1 has ended successfully. 730 votes are placed in the right option to share the jackpot of 623990 PVTP. The odds is up to 8.55, which means one right vote can win 854 PVTP. The top one winner earns 59780 PVTP, the number two winner earns 34241 PVTP and th
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Global Stock Exchanges News on pvt1. The Piotte community is working to promote the best of China's block with the goal of (digital exchange).2. Digital Pvt Digital Money is undergoing security and manufacturing3. Improved capital upgrade4. The most influential digital currency with a capital of $ 450,000,000 for all users (10% of t