💝The Clock Never Stops! Do Not Miss Another Opportunity!!!👌💝Greetings, my dear friends!One of the greatest architectural follies in the history of mankind was the design of the round clock.Nothing is as deceiving as the round clock, as it constantly resets and moves in circles. This gives us the illusion of eternity, thinking that we have all the time in the
Grin VS Zcash: Anonymity, UX and Code BattleGrin and Zcash. Both hold similar attributes in the space and have emerged as the two leading figures in the space with their anonymous attributes and decentralised platforms, with Grin being a part of the Mimblewimble project. It seems a natural comparison to make. But, who is the king in this figh
9 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Better Than Credit Cards TodayRecent credit card fee hikes have sparked debate over the relative advantages of using cryptocurrencies. While companies such as Overstock report savings from processing cryptocurrency payments, not everyone in the cryptospace is convinced that, at this stage, cards aren’t still a better option for
Is Blockchain the Solution to Gun Control?Back in November Professor Thomas Heston (no relation to former NRA president Charlton Heston) wrote a white paper detailing how blockchain technologies could be used to track firearms information. Would a transparent registry network help governments track and regulate gun or weapon ownership a li
Andi Ali: Note that these laws exempt law enforcement officials, some sellers, and firearm owners who have provided written consent to have their weapons tracked on a ledger.
BMW Opens Its Doors For Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative's First European ColloquiumBMW’s Group IT Centre in Munich will ,host the first European colloquium of the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) as the car manufacturer delves deeper into the use of blockchain in automotive enterprise.The MOBI was launched less than a year ago by major car manufacturers <mark>BMW, Gener
Cryptocurrencies: 3 Rising Stars In 2019 and BeyondMany cryptocurrencies giants such as Bitcoinsaw a quick decline after the first half of 2018, though analysts are optimistic cryptocurrencies will keep rising in 2019. Generally, the possibility of cryptocurrency replacing the outmoded banking and financial system is still gaining traction as we are
Miners in a Bear Market: Profitability and Prospects for PlayersThe year 2018 showed that it is impossible to get rich quick on mining, as the market is plummeting, farms are no longer profitable, and mining pools are closing due to unprofitability. Many experts predicted the industry’s inevitable death, but mining has still lived on to 2019, and many still mana
Countries With A Friendly Attitude Towards BitcoinDifferent countries have different opinions on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.Some say it is a threat to their national currency and stability, while some openly embrace the fundamentals.Some countries embrace it as they fear they might lag behind in adoption while some want to adopt it but are
Ethereum Unseats XRP, Reclaims #2 Cryptocurrency SpotEthereum has once again reclaimed the #2 cryptocurrency spot by market cap, edging past XRP by $207 million.Except for a brief blip in January, XRP has managed to hold onto its lead – until today.<font size="3" color=#0000FF>Ethereum Once Again Sitting at Bitcoin’s Right Hand</font>In November of la
New Crypto-Stealing ‘Clipper’ Malware Found in Google Play StoreSecurity researchers at ESET found a new “clipper” malware in the Google Play Store that subverts users copying and pasting crypto wallet addresses.<hr>There’s a lot of ease in using Bitcoin and its virtual currency brethren. In the blink of an eye, one can send cryptocurrency to anyone in the world