Is Bancor (BNT) the Best Infrastructure Token?A lot of speculators consider Bancor (BNT) the best infrastructure token. Correspondingly, Bancor had a Market Capitalization of $33.829 million and a
Lightning Network: When Will Bitcoin Replace Bank Cards?The Lightning Network was released over a year ago. Since then, many applications based on this promising technology have emerged, around which a sign
Tron (TRX) Falls Out of Top 10 List, Letting Cardano (ADA) Take Its PlaceCardano (ADA) suddenly surpasses Tron (TRX) by the market cap value, which gets ADA to position #10 and kicks Tron out of the list of most valuable crypto assets. Cardano raises on the recent news of a major upgrade launch.As the weekend starts off, radical changes are taking place at the top of the
Ripple (XRP) Will Soon Become the Number One Cryptocurrency Choice for Various BanksRipple Will be Adopted by Banks SoonOne of the projects the company is working on is to provide liquidity solutions for financial institutions allowin
Samsung Reveals Crypto Wallet for Ethereum (Not Bitcoin) – Plus Ripple, XRP, EOS, Zilliqa and NEM UpdateAfter a round of rumors and speculation, Samsung has reportedly revealed a full-blown crypto wallet for the Galaxy S10.Samsung says the wallet will su
New Alternative to ICOs: The Initial Exchange Offering, or IEOIn her op-ed, Maria Stankevich, director of business development and communications at the EXMO cryptocurrency exchange, tells about the advantages an
Bitcoin and Dash Become Crypto Trailblazers in Anarchist Paradise with Drugs, Guns, and TurtlesCrypto has become part and parcel of Acapulco, a formed trouser hub that turned into an anarchist capital of the world.Contents:♦️A place for Bitcoin anarchists.♦️Dash adoption is growing.♦️Crypto for the unbanked. Apart from turtles, crunchy tacos, marijuana, and murder, there is one thing that def
WhatsApp Might Launch Cryptocurrency for Money TransfersWBack in April 2018, Facebook publicized the launch of its very own blockchain department. The news wasn’t surprising at all, granted that most major companies are experimenting with the technology. However, last week, the social media giant announced the start of a hiring spree, with focus on block
Inside the World’s Anti-Crypto CountriesUnderstanding Cryptocurrency Regulatory TrendsDuring the last couple of years, cryptocurrency regulation has been a subject on the agenda of most governments throughout the world. However, the regulatory approach varies widely from country to country, as some have chosen to adopt a crypto-friendly r
Sony and Fujitsu Develop Blockchain Platform to Fight Fake Educational QualificationsJapanese multinational conglomerate Sony and IT equipment services firm Fujitsu have created an encrypted database for educational proficiency documents, The Asahi Shimbun reports on Feb. 26.The database, which reportedly employs blockchain technology, is used to prevent forgeries of language profic