receive PVT is change 😮/ PVT دریافت تغییر است *Was100 PVT /20 power →Now100 PVT/5 power. *200 PVT /10 POWER 😨?huge change/ But PVTP :100 PVTP/20 Power. its fair or not fair !? anyway Good luck Pivoters for the new changes♂♀👌. عادلانه یا عادلانه نیست !؟ به هر حال پیروان موفق برای تغییرات جدید.
Championship for PVTP PIVOTERS JUST .😔🎉🎉🎉 Good luck to them 🎁🎁🎊
Oumeima: the same problem , i wrote good luck who have PVTP ...... it's not fair game for most of Pivoters ....i hope solve that .
So Thanks Pivot .... I get "lucky Pivoter reward " 😍💜👏👏👏👏
if you want job , this is app will help you ....its so easy the code to complete your register in this app = JBUQ 👈 * spread more earn more 👏
Oumeima: thank you , and if you want help , try install this app and i put photos explanation how install it , its easy and ups to you .
My recommendation comments this month (March).....Pivot🌷🌷👌👼
about last night 😀😹👸✌. Nice game for enjoying in a free time .🐬⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡
Oumeima: just need focus and time by time you will know , start just with100 coin then when you know is exact win up or down put 500coin or more .... sometimes failure and sometimes success and i called this game "lucky game ".....good luck
lovely and lucky game ....success🎊🎉 and Failure 😮 patience and win more ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡.
Oumeima: its difficult explain that by post , its need make a video to explain that .... so you should notice yourself how the Pivoters click up or down and win ....sometimes you will success and sometimes failure ....good luck
Option "see a video " ❌ its not there since Yesterday why !??....any one notice that Pivoters !?? 🔊 @Pivot 📢📢📞
Hapo, just for fun
Pivoters ⬆⬇⚡⚡⚡📝📌