Montserrat is satisfied with the response received from the Real de Gandía City CouncilNo matter the size of the place or what part of the world it’s located in.REMEMBER, “YOUR FEEDBACK MOVES THE WORLD”Our user, Montserrat, tells us that
EasyFeedback Token EssentialsWe want to inform you about the articles published in our blog that we think you should read to understand our business.Along with the website, the wh
We participate in Estonia E-Residency Week 2019On Friday, November 29 we were invited to participate in the E-Residency Week 2019. “Five years ago on December 1, 2014, Edward Lucas, Senior Editor o
Gadis Supermarkets listens to its customersOur user, Elias, tells us that he sent a suggestion to Gadis Supermarkets using EasyFeedback’s free complaint/complaint submission tool. In the sugges
Presence of EasyFeedback Token at "The Global Blockchain Congress" of ConvergenceEasyfeedback Token was present during the congress that Convergence held in Malaga from 11 to 13 November.Here is Convergence’s press release about th
Spanish Crypto EcosystemEasyFeedback Token is part of the first Crypto Ecosystem Map in Spain.Thanks to Cryptoplaza for including us in the tools.Don’t miss the opportunity t
Soon EasyFeedback Token Wallet!Here are some images of the EasyFeedback token wallet.In November it will be available together with the store for the purchase of the EasyFeedback to
EasyFeedback Token IEO When? Where? Why?Through our users have been communicating feedback to companies since August 2015. Our mission is:“To facilitate the communication of
People from 140 countries have signed up for the whitelist. Thank youThanks to all the people who are understanding our mission, "to facilitate the communication of useful feedback, to favour the management and improvem
How EasyFeedback is used by one of our customers“Campaign: Your Opinion Builds TradeCollaborate with the commercial dynamization campaign!This campaign is aimed at all retail customers. Its aim is t