EasyFeedback Token IEO When? Where? Why?Through our users have been communicating feedback to companies since August 2015. Our mission is:“To facilitate the communication of
People from 140 countries have signed up for the whitelist. Thank youThanks to all the people who are understanding our mission, "to facilitate the communication of useful feedback, to favour the management and improvem
How EasyFeedback is used by one of our customers“Campaign: Your Opinion Builds TradeCollaborate with the commercial dynamization campaign!This campaign is aimed at all retail customers. Its aim is t
Licenses obtained for the sale of Easy Feedback TokenToday we want to inform you which are our licenses for the sale of EasyFeedback Token.Within our process of creation and sale of EasyFeedback Token we
Leroy Merlin responds to its customers…Our user, José Manuel, tells us that he sent a complaint to Leroy Merlin España using EasyFeedback’s free complaint/complaint submission tool. In the
Why don’t you get an answer to your complaints?“Sometimes there are all the right systems in place to help customers, but a complaint is made and no one does anything. Customers are discouraged by
Blockchain Conference by Businesses in Navarra.We went to the Blockchain Conference held by Businesses in Navarra.It was very interesting the presentation of Alejandro Salas of Telefónica, whom we
Why don’t you report your experiences?Most people have the feeling that protesting is only going to be a source of additional discomfort and a waste of time.If consumers have a problem wit
Susana satisfied with Mercadona’s responseOur user, Susana, tells us that he sent a complaint to Mercadona using EasyFeedback’s free complaint/claims sending tool. In the complaint she told Me
The "Ea-Nasir complaint board" carved in 1750 B.C.The British museum photo tablet Nanni and her complaint against the bad service and treatment of Ea-Nasir In 1953 the oldest complaint in the world wa