EasyFeedback token granted by the Internal Oracle.EasyFeedback Token (EFT) was created to reward people who from communicate useful feedback to improve products, services and processe
The feedback from our users also moves us. Thank you for your congratulations!At EasyFeedback we are committed to improving the world by encouraging useful feedback and helping companies to recognize and enhance the good practic
11 products that will impact on the supply and demand of “EFT”These are the 11 EasyFeedback products that will impact on its supply and demand since EFT will be used for the payments of such services.Products for
EasyFeedback Token License UPDATEHello,Following our previous post informing about EasyFeedback Token License announcement on July 7th 2020 (
#ShowMeEasyFeedbackToken - #ShowMeEFT_22#ShowMeEasyFeedbackToken📖  #ShowMeEFT_22 Validation system of “Proof of Feedback” Lawyer Validator Oracle💼  The lawyer validator node/oracle will ev
#ShowMeEasyFeedbackToken - #ShowMeEFT_21#ShowMeEasyFeedbackToken📖  #ShowMeEFT_21 Validation system of “Proof of Feedback” Company Validator Oracle➡️  The company validator node/oracle is th
#ShowMeEasyFeedbackToken - #ShowMeEFT_20#ShowMeEasyFeedbackToken 📖  #ShowMeEFT_20 Validation system of “Proof of Feedback” Oracle Internal Validator ➡️  Every time a user sends useful feedb
Your congratulations move the world and they deserve their rewardWho would have thought that we would have to be two meters away from each other, that the mask would be mandatory and that we would spend almost three
EasyFeedback Token License AnnouncementHello,As you may know Easy Feedback Token OÜ operates from Estonia. The Estonian government changed the regulations for granting or maintaining crypto
📜 EasyFeedback Token "EFT" - Smart Contract Audit📜  EasyFeedback Token "EFT" - Smart Contract Audit⏱  Soon the pre-sale of the EFT token will start, that's why EasyFeedback Token wanted to audit its