10,000 USDT for Spring Festival Presents, Multiple BEE Rewards Wait for YouDear Community,To celebrate the Spring Festival and appreciate the community support of BEEX, BEEX w
We are Seeking the Best Traders on BEEX! 100,000 BEE Awaits You!For rewarding the best perpetual swap traders, BEEX purchases 100,000 BEE from the secondary market as a bonus. This is the chance for you to get a large award by your trading skill! 
Register to Win 0.1 TBTC, Ready to Share 100,000 BEEEvery new user will get the 0.1 TBTC on his BEEX account. Users can transfer 0.1 TBTC to the contract balance, then to trade the contact on the simulation.
BEEX Lists DASH, BSV, ADA, OKB, GT and DOGE Trading Pairs and Open Deposit and WithdrawalBEEX will list ADA / USDT, BSV / USDT, DASH / USDT, OKB / USDT, GT / USDT, DOGE / USDT, ADA / BTC, BSV / BTC, DASH / BTC, OKB / BTC and GT / BTC trading pairs at 2020/1/14 10:00 AM(UTC), and open deposit and withdrawal at the same time.
Free Airdrop 1+8.88 USDT, 10000 USDT Waits for New RegistrationsBEEX will hold an airdrop event to encourage more users to join in the community, each qualified new registrations will get 1 USDT airdrop, only 10,000 USDT served. The event will last a week.
Free Airdrop 1+8.88 USDT, 10000 USDT Waits for New RegistrationsDear Community,To celebrate New Year,BEEX will hold an airdrop event to encourage more users to join
Fourth BEEX Community Partner Program officially launched!In line with the vision of expanding the BEE consensus and developing the BEEX community, announced the official launch of the Community Partner Program!
BEEX is not Only an Exchange But a Platform to Help You to Make 10000 USDTBEEX holds a big reward event for traders to welcome Christmas and new year. Users have 7 chances to win 888 USDT, and 35 chances to win 88 USDT by trading, and 70 chances to win 8.8 USDT.
Celebrate the New Year with 10000 USDT PresentTo make a better way to welcome new beginnings, BEEX team holds a 10000 USDT reward event to appreciate the great support of the community.
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Why Platform Token BEE Has the Potential to 1 USDT?BEE is a coin with great support and consensus on its community. On the cryptocurrency industry, the consensus is the most important thing for the growth of the projects. So we would like to say, 1 USDT is not a dream, the BEE price is on the way to 1 USDT.